I'm not satisfied and expect a refund

Contact us by either reporting your mentor (if there has been a misconduct) or through info@mentorcruise.com.

We handle refunds on a case-to-case basis and usually give out refunds if:

  • there has been a misconduct on the mentor side.
  • the mentor has broken the mentoring agreement.
  • there has been unavailability for a week or more.
  • the mentor does not provide the agreed services.
  • there has been any other kind of wrongdoing on the mentor side

We usually do not give out refunds if:

  • you don't believe your progress has been good enough
  • you forgot about the mentorship
  • you realize that mentorship isn't something for you after all
  • there is no reason at all

We are strict with refunds because the money goes to our mentors - many of which spend a large part of their free time mentoring for a relatively small pay.

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