I'm not satisfied and expect a refund

Due to the subjectivity of many of these cases, we handle refunds on a case-to-case basis. You can expect a refund if any of these scenarios happen:

  • a payment slipped through just before you cancelled
  • you haven't heard from your mentor in about a week without prior notification
  • your mentor agrees to the refund out of any other reason

Refunds can be warranted as part of more formal disputes and upon further review from our side if:

  • there has been a major misconduct or breach of trust on the mentor side.
  • the mentor has broken the mentoring agreement or does not provide the agreed services
  • there has been any kind of harassment

Our refund policy does not include refunds in these cases:

  • you didn't reach your own goals in time
  • you don't believe your progress has been good enough
  • you forgot about the mentorship for more than one month/payment
  • you realize that mentorship isn't working out for you
  • there is no particular reason

We are strict with refunds because these payments go to our mentors - many of which spend a large part of their free time mentoring for a relatively small pay. However, we recognize that not all mentorships go smooth and are happy to work towards a solution here.

If your mentor cancels the mentorship less than 14 days after payment, we will refund your transaction automatically.

Refunds can be claimed until up to 7 days after a mentorship has ended. After reviewing our policy, refunds can be requested through this form.

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