Overview: How pricing works at MentorCruise

As a facilitator of mentors and mentees, we needed to work out a pricing structure that is attractive to mentors, and fair to mentees. Our weekly pricing provides exactly that: Short, low volume billing cycles that allow mentees to quickly try out mentorships – and back out if things go south, and a quicker timespan until a mentor sees a monetary payout.

How does the weekly pricing work?

By default, all our mentorships are billed on a recurring basis. The first 7 days are usually free, and are a time to get settled and start planning with your mentor. On the 7th day of the mentorship, the first charge occurs and will happen recurrently on every subsequent 7th day. The price corresponds to the price that was agreed on start of the mentorship (what's shown on the mentor's profile).

What if I don't have a session with my mentor? What if we don't talk?

We want to give mentees and mentors the ability to form their own mentorships. Therefore, a weekly communication cycle (e.g. in form of sessions) is not required, just because the billing cycle is like that. We've seen good results with mentorships that are continuously in touch, but also with mentorships who only communicate every other week. If you don't have a session with your mentor in a given week, that doesn't void your payment.

That being said, above all else, the quick weekly billing cycle is a protection for you. If you feel like a mentor is neglecting you, it's your chance to cancel the mentorship quickly and get back the money you have "wasted". Our refund policy is very liberal there. We also allow mentors to pause mentorships, so if funds are low or there is no opportunity to connect, you can always pause.

When do I need to enter my payment details?

If a mentor accepts your application, we are going to e-mail you and ask you to enter your payment details. After you do this, we won't charge you right away. Your 7 day free trial will kick in, and you won't get charged for those days.

So, why do we want your payment information now? The reason is simple: Once you formally enter the mentorship agreement, your mentor will prepare to work long-term with you. We and your future mentor need a security that you have the ability to come up for the weekly payments. We don't have access to your credit card at this point – if you don't enjoy the mentorship, cancel with two clicks. 

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