Where can I find a mentor for XY?

The best way to find a mentor is through the search field on our marketplace.

We get asked a lot to give personal recommendations, but we stand behind every single one of our mentors. Mentors are vetted / researched / tested before they are able to sign up and are also re-evaluated throughout their membership through ratings and comments to assure that each and everyone of our mentors are suitable.

You can do a few tricks with the search, to give you a better result:

  • By using commas, you can include multiple search terms that should be included, for example "python, machine learning, C++"
  • You can use quotes (") to only return direct matches. This is especially useful if you are looking for a word that is included in another word – such as "Java" without "JavaScript"

If you still are unable to find a mentor for your cause, you can also switch the blue switch to see what other mentors there are which currently are all out of spots. You might not be able to book them right away, but add them to your watchlist for the future.

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